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Red Lobster™

By: | 8 Comments | On: July 28, 2008 | Category: Tips & Help

Red Lobster™ started in 1968 in Lakeland Florida by Bill Darden. Today there are over 600 Red Lobster™ Restaurants in 44 of the 50 United States (are 31 restaurants in Canada). Even though Red Lobster™ may be known for their seafood, most people are seeking restaurant recipes for their Cheddar... more

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The Cheesecake Factory™

By: | 32 Comments | On: July 27, 2008 | Category: Tips & Help

The very first Cheesecake Factory™ was opened in Beverly Hills, CA in 1978.  Founder David Overtony wanted to create a restaurant with a very diverse menu, large portions and, of course, plenty of options for the cheesecake lover in (almost) all of us. David’s parents Evelyn and Oscar Overton started... more

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KFC Cole Slaw Recipe

By: | 1 Comment | On: July 27, 2008 | Category: KFC

Whether it’s cole slaw or coleslaw, to me, nothing tastes better than KFC. I sifted through all of the restaurant recipes for Kentucky Fried Chicken coleslaw and this is the one that tastes just like the real thing. If you’ve tried making this before and it it tasted close, but... more

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