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0 Comments | April 28, 2013

You know that one thing you always get frustrated with when you’re in the kitchen?  For each of us, it’s something different.  I know for me, believe it or not, I’ve always struggled with cooking hamburgers correctly.  I think, subconsciously I’m scared to death I’m going to undercook them, so I always end up with “Dad’s World Famous Moisture-Free Hamburgers.”

What’s Your One Thing?

What do you struggle with in the kitchen that I, or maybe someone else, can help with?  There are a couple of ways you can get your question answered.  I’ll often use your questions during my podcast, in fact, if you leave a voice message, I’ll play it back on the show and answer you there.  It’ll also post it below in text form so people can read it.

Leave a Voice Message

Over to the right, click on the “CALL ME” button and Google Voice will connect your phone to my voicemail.  It’s very easy.  Give it a try.  Leave a question or a comment and I’ll get notified instantly.  It’s over there in the right column —–>

  1. Click “Call Me
  2. Submit your name and phone number (you have an option to keep it private)
  3. Click “Connect
  4. You’ll get a call from a phone number in “Mountain View, CA” (Home to Google)
  5. Answer the call and press 1 to be connected
  6. Leave your question for the show

Tweet it or Post it on the Facebook Page

You’ll find links to my Twitter (@ChefPablos) and my Facebook Page ( in the right column as well.  Send in your question and I’ll do whatever I have to do to get an answer for you.

Submit Your Question in Writing

If you’re more comfortable, you can always just submit your question in this form.  Of course, I’d love to have your voice on the show, but, if this is better, please feel free:

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Thanks and I hope you’ll check out the latest episode of Chef Pablo’s Cooking School Podcast.