Thank You Gift – eBook – 7 Kitchen Mistakes

0 Comments | February 20, 2013

Thank You!

football stadiumNo really, I sincerely appreciate you stopping by today. There are literally millions of websites and the fact that you chose to visit mine is very humbling.  In fact, every month, over 50,000 people, just like you, stop by my site to get help with cooking something in their kitchen. That’s about the same number of people you’d see on a typical Sunday in a professional football stadium cheering on the home team.  That’s amazing and I’m very honored by it.

Even the best recipes are ruined by the simpliest mistakes in the kitchen

So, I created a book to help you

  1. Avoid the most common kitchen mistakes
  2. Fix those mistakes if you skipped step one.

A tabled covered in burned food.I spent several weeks researching the most common mistakes and then double and tripled verfied, I wasn’t alone in my solution to these mistakes.  Master chefs and home cooks, just like you and me, are using these techniques to keep their culinary masterpieces from becoming ruined piles of garbage in the sink.


  • I’m going to give you a my secret tips to keep you from getting frazzled and rushed in the kitchen, so you can actually enjoy the process of making a beautiful dish, rather than stressing out about the outcome.
  • I will show you 3 very simple steps you can take to keep from burning your food.  There’s a good chance you do one of these things every time you cook.
  • The TWO biggest reasons you struggle with your food sticking to the pan
  • I’m going to explain to you why the outside of your meat looks perfect and the inside is still raw.  This one is hard to fix without drying out your food, so make sure you read this and avoid the mistake.
  • You’ll get the #1 secret (it’s stupidly simple) every Chinese restaurant uses that you probably don’t.  This is what makes the stir fry they produce have an incredible texture while yours doesn’t.

BONUS: Printable Quick Reference Sheet

  • Easy reference table to help you measure your ingredients properly.  Do you know how exactly how much is a “Pinch” or a “Dash?”  How many Tablespoons are in a cup?
  • In case you do mess up, I’m including these quick fixes on the printable sheet (you can put it on the inside of your cupboard doors):
    • Too much salt in the recipe.
    • Saving burned soup or stew.
    • Cookies that are tool hard.
    • Rejuvenate limp vegetables.
    • Fixing food that’s too spicy or too sweet.
    • How to keep sliced cake from drying out.

Instant Delivery

7 Mistakes 240pxI’m going to instantly delivery this eBook to you RIGHT NOW.  You dont’ have to wait for it to get packaged or shipped to your home.  Once you hit submit, I’ll send you a link where you can download a digital copy of my latest eBook, 7 Mistakes You’re Making in the Kitchen.  I’ll also give you a complimentary subscription to my newsletter, filled with tips, advice and of course, the latest recipes to make your time in your kitchen, the most enjoyable it’s ever been.


Signed Chef Pablo

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