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The first Olive Garden™ opened in 1982 in Orlando Florida. Today there are over 145 locations around the country.

Most of the newer Olive Garden™ locations are designed to look like a farm house in Castellina in Chianti, Tuscany on the grounds of the Rocca delle Macie winery.

Olive Garden™ is most famous for their bottomless bread baskets. But, my suggestion is GO EASY on those so you have room for what’s to come. Delicious pasta, soups and salads at a price you afford to enjoy often. Bring your kids because every kid I know loves pasta.

If you’re looking for some restaurant recipes that you’re kids are going to beg for night after night, you’re in the right place. I would even solicit a little help from them and let them receive a few of the accolades.

Alfredo Sauce
This recipe does NOT include garlic powder or cream cheese. This is the real deal as far as I can tell. Regardless, this is a recipe your family will rave about.

Minestrone Soup
This soup not only tastes amazing, it leaves you feeling quite full. One of the most searched for restaurant recipes, you’ll be proud to serve this to your family or friends.

Zuppa Toscano Soup
One of the most popular restaurant recipes from Olive Garden™. This is a spicy sausage and bacon soup with russet potatoes and greens in a creamy broth.

Caprese Flatbread
A light and crispy flat bread with a nice chunky tomato mixture, topped with mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses.  It’s reminds me of a very fresh and natural tasting pizza.

Bread Sticks
If you’re not careful you could end up eating WAY too many of these bread sticks on your next trip to The Olive Garden™. Famous for their “bottomless basket” of bread sticks, a meal at The Olive Garden™ isn’t complete without a few of these in your belly. Best part, it’s extremely easy to make.

House Salad
A cool crisp salad with a great tangy dressing makes this a great way to start your meal.  Fresh tossed at your table with Parmesan cheese grated right there on your salad.  With everything being prepared at your table, it’s one of the most anticipated salads you’ll eat.

Looking for how to make Olive Garden sangria? Look no further.  The Olive Garden™ Sangria is a refreshing alcoholic beverage that’s perfect for any outdoor party.

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