All About Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill™

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When most college students go away for spring break, all they come back with is a sunburn. But not Ralph Rubio.

Every spring, Ralph and his buddies would head to the Baja village of San Felipe, where you could camp on the beach for free, catch some rays, and forget about studying. One night, a hungry Ralph spotted a taco shop with an unusual specialty advertised in the window: fish tacos. He ordered one, took a few bites, and was hooked.

Over time Ralph became pals with Carlos, the man behind the counter. Carlos showed Ralph how his fish tacos were made. Ralph went back to San Diego and perfected a recipe of his own.

Several years later, with his father Ray as his partner, he opened his first restaurant – a walk-up stand in Mission Beach. Since that day back in 1983, Ralph, with the help of a lot of great people, has sold more than 50 million fish tacos.

When I first began my quest for restaurant recipes, the Rubio’s Fish Taco™ was one of my goals. I couldn’t get enough of that amazing taste, but the closest store was too far away. I didn’t just want these at home, I needed them there.

Rubio’s™ Fish Tacos
This is what started the Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill franchise.  A great tasting combination of crispy mild fish, tangy white sauce, a soft warm corn tortilla and crispy fresh cabbage.

Rubio’s Hot Sauce
One of the items I had the most trouble with was Rubio’s™ hot sauce. Finally, I discovered the secret and life is great! I use this sauce on everything now. It’s even great with a bowl of chips.

Rubio’s™ White Sauce
This extremely simple white sauce will make or break your attempt to recreate Rubio’s fish tacos.  It seems too simple, but it adds a wonderful tangy flavor your family will rave over.

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