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Outback Steakhouse™ Gold Coast Coconut Shrimp Recipe

By: | 6 Comments | On: January 4, 2009 | Category: Outback Steakhouse, Restaurant Recipes

These are tender crispy shrimp in a beer batter with a light flaky coconut coating on the outside. They offer just the right amount of sweetness and taste delicious with the tangy tart flavors that come in the Creole marmalade. If you don't like seafood or shrimp, they taste... more

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Outback Steakhouse™ Ranch Dressing Recipe

By: | 2 Comments | On: January 2, 2009 | Category: Outback Steakhouse, Restaurant Recipes

Salad dressing seems to taste better at a restaurant and the Outback Steakhouse Ranch Dressing is no exception. This is a rich and creamy dressing that starts with Hidden Valley Ranch powder dressing mix. You can change it up a bit if you like your dressing a little on... more

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The Cheesecake Factory™ Pumpkin Cheesecake

By: | 5 Comments | On: January 1, 2009 | Category: Cheesecake Factory, Kid Friendly Recipes, Restaurant Recipes

Hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice will be wafting through your house as this creamy copycat of the Cheesecake Factory recipe bakes. Not for the weak willed! more

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