Kentucky Fried Chicken™ (KFC)

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When it comes to restaurant recipes, one name stands above the rest, Kentucky Fried Chicken™. The competition has been trying to duplicate Colonel Harland Sanders secret blend of herbs and spices for many years.

Kentucky Fried Chicken™ was founded in 1952 and is based in Louisville, Kentucky. The first ever “Kentucky Fried Chicken™” was actually opened in Salt Lake City. Prior to that, Col. Sanders Restaurants were known as “Sanders Court & Cafe.”

Many people have searched for a way to duplicate the signature flavors of the Colonels Original Recipe, it’s actually the Cole slaw (or coleslaw) recipe most people search for on Google. Don’t worry, we have both… and more.

KFC Original Recipe Chicken
This is probably the most secret of the restaurant recipes. As a matter of fact, Colonel Sanders build an entire restaurant chain based on his original recipe chicken with 11 secret herbs and spices.

KFC™ Coleslaw
Nothing even comes close to the unique flavors found in KFC™ coleslaw. Chopped cabbage rather than shredded along with a slightly sweet taste make this a unique side dish your family will love.

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